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Our new critical guides to drama texts are out now. For GCSE we have guides to An Inspector Calls and Macbeth, with one on Romeo and Juliet currently in production. For A-level we have guides to Jerusalem and to Hamlet. All available via Amazon.

And here's something like our full range of books.

We're still super chuffed with the feedback on our The Art of Writing English Essays for A-level and Beyond book: 

"The book is extremely useful, and I will be adding it to the suggested reading for Foundation students on the Literature module and will send it the way of the Library (via the study skills team in the School of English as you say, I think 1st years would find this helpful, the examples are great, as well as Foundation and A-Level study." 

Dr. Graeme Pedlingham, Convenor of Foundation Years, University of Sussex

Great endorsement of our critical guides from Loughborough University's Dr Oliver Tearle who also hosts the popular 'Interesting Literature' website: 

'The poetry books are absolutely fantastic - clear, insightful, helpful in the extreme. They're a wonderful example of how to write accessibly yet analytically about poetry - something it's difficult to do.'

Literature is a jungle. And you, dear literary student, are an explorer, a map-maker, a  naturalist, a psychogeographer.

Of all the beasts that roam or lurk among the jungle's dense foliage, from the enormous,  lumbering Victorian state-of-the-nation novel to the bloody-mouthed, carnivorous  revenge tragedy, from the boisterous tribe of wild sonnets that jibber in the trees to the  creeping, shadowy presence of the Gothic novel, the most dangerous and intriguing by  far is a small beast, a fast-moving beast, a beast untethered by place or time, a beast  that is, in fact invisible. Among literary explorers this beast is known, simply, as 'the  unseen'.   

 Fear not this mysterious critter. Arm and train yourself to wrestle it into submission;  master it and it will do your bidding, like a familiar spirit. Master 'the unseen' and it will  pay you fabulous rewards, perhaps. How? Simple. Just buy The Art of Poetry, volume  1: The complete unseen taming kit, for every literary adventurer. Available now on  Amazon. 






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