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Jack May
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On Tuesday, the 29th January, 13 of the keenest aspiring young poets of Wells Cathedral School gathered in Mr Meally?s classroom for an intense, lengthy, and rewarding day of creative writing, poetic analysis, and poetic inspiration with Colin MacFarlane & his lovely assistant, Katie. Myself, Caitlin Sherrard, Clare Scott, Rebecca Toal, Izzy Smith, Kaiya Kim-Saville, Benny Vernon, Charlie Ablett, Judith Edmondson, Ru Ward, Hannah Dennis, Kirsty Hobkirk, Ellie Potter & Kirstin Latimer started the day with poetry readings and analysis of their various messages before moving onto the intricate difficulties of syllabic poetry. We attempted to write haikus, using an image of a tree reflected in a fairly nondescript puddle as inspiration. It?s remarkable both how philosophical a puddle can be and how philosophical one can be using only a few more syllables than the word ?philosophical? itself! At this point, the syllabic mind-bending had all become a bit much, so we took a break for lunch before returning in our best Wellingtons and Waterproofs for a stereotypical Romantic walk in the wilds. Clipboards at the ready, we stopped at various points along the route, looking, hearing, touching, and even smelling the environment around us to come up with good, juicy words to use in our yet-to-be-born poems. The wilds were suitably wild, with floods mixing with forests and hilly paths to create a wild mix of sticky mud, spongy mud, and muddy mud. Upon our return a restorative cup of tea (or three) with as rich a selection of biscuits as our poetic language was the perfect way to ease into a long and hard writing session. Surrounded by wild scribbled-on bits of paper sprawled around the floor, we all tried to capture some of the natural beauty we had seen on our walk and shape it into poetry. The silence was tangible: intense concentration punctured by pencils writing, scribbling out, and then rewriting. Colin looked at each of our poems individually and talked to us about ways to improve the quality of our writing without sacrificing our individuality of style. Work continued long into the evening, and conversations about the choice of a particular word became incredibly detailed and meticulous. Eventually, however, Colin & Katie had to be off, and so it was heavy hearts that we dropped our pencils and wished them a hearty thank you for all their work with us throughout the day. If any poets who were lucky enough to be part of the day want to share their creations, I'm sure everyone would be very interested!

Jack May

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Jack May
Posts: 59
Title should read Poetry Workshop 2013 - one of those days!

Jack May

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Jack May
Posts: 59

Forest Flood

Waiting nervously, their dank regalia

Rallying curtains of inky dew;

Collecting, craving, reclaiming, hoarding.  

Spindled fingers tick, chattering

Fretfully in long-forgotten keeps,

A draping, threadbare, crumbling blockade.

Wind's heady waves break,

Heaving muddied waters

Over sparsely scattered scraps,

Rising, warily, waiting for

A chance invasion, poised

To swamp crazed trunks.

Do they dream of drowning

In their dull, dumb sleep?


Jack May

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Ru Ward
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In the wolves wood


Crimson against the harsh landscape,

her cloak flutters, blood-red behind,

as she treads the path of rotting bark.

Foolish giants lie drowned, their spindly

claws snarled out towards the hidden sun,

swallowed by the pale, drained sky.


Swamps swelling and bubbling,

warning of the glossy watery lie.

Crazed tree roots, twisting with

feelers toward her warm radiance,

slimy, weeping, dead.


Oh how the forest roars,

screams for the weight of decay to fade!

Saddening and forgotten,

its darkness burning away with time,

until bearded and lost.


She skips through the jungle of ruin,

The woken woods.

Snapping footsteps and echoing wails as

She enters her light,

Into her death.



Ru Ward

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