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Mon. 2/25 5:00 PM Unseen poetry

In this seminar Senior Lecturer Dr. Will May will disuss ways of approaching unseen poetry.  

Wed. 3/6 7:00 PM Hamlet & The Ideal Courtier

Dr. Briony Frost will lead this seminar focusing on the characters of Laertes and Fortinbras as foils for Hamlet. If time allows discussion will also encompass discussion of Elizabethan ideals of women. 

Mon. 3/18 7:00 PM Reading prose fiction In this seminar University of Sussex's Dr. Graeme Pedlingham will guide us through the process of analysing an unseen extract of prose fiction. Useful for any A-level students studying novels, the seminar will be especially helpful if you have to tac... more
Tue. 3/19 5:00 PM Chaucer's Merchant

In this seminar Southampton University's Associate Professor of Late Medieval Literature, Dr. Marianne O'Doherty will lead an exploration of the work of Geoffrey Chaucer, with particular focus on The Merchant's Tale.

Mon. 4/29 5:00 PM Dystopian fiction

In this seminar we will be dicussing dystopian fiction and Cormac McCarthy's extraordinary post-apocalypic novel 'The Road' with Southampton Universiity's Professor Mary Hammond.

Thu. 5/16 7:00 PM The Gothic and The Road In this seminar, Manchester's Dr. Dale Townshend will lead a close inspection of an extract from Cormac McCarthy's dystopian novel, The Road. The seminar is designed to be useful to students who have to respond to unseen prose, to students studying t... more
Sun. 11/3 5:00 PM Literature & the psyche

In this seminar Southampton University's Associate Professor in English LIterature, Dr Devorah Baum will explore psychoanalytical approaches to literary texts.

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