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My students and I would be interested in the seminar on Poems of the Decade in the run up to A-Level exams!

Thank you!

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Neil Bowen
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Ciaran O'Driscoll at May 8, 2018 at 6:12 AM

Neil Bowen at May 7, 2018 at 6:14 PM

Join us for a free revision seminar with Ian Duhig on 29th May.

Hi Neil,

It was good to meet you and Naomi in Limerick a few weeks ago. I just want to say that I'd be happy to do this seminar again with Ian and youself on 29th May. Perhaps I sounded vague when we briefly discussed the forum beside the Shannon (it was the Queen Sionna hypnotising me with a glass of wine).

Your newsletter mentions Ciaran Carson as accompanying Ian and yourself. If so, that is quite a line up and I will gladly take a bow. However, I'm wondering is it a typo, as I am sometimes confused with the Northern poet, who is no longer on the syllabus (for whatever reason)?



You're quite right Ciaran. I must have written the news item after a glass or two of God's own medicine myself. Of course I meany you and not Mr Carson, though I also admired his poem immensely. Once again the peripeteia website is not working 100%, so new posts and new events are not currently showing up. However, the seminar will go ahead with the three of us and whoever'd like to join in. You'll need to join the Soton peripeteia forum - I'll send a link shortly. 

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Miss Trickey
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My students would love the idea of a seminar! 


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