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Gothic monsters
1361379 3 months ago
Introduction and Overview of the Gothic
0159 5 months ago
Christopher Frayling on Nightmare of Bram Stoker
066 5 months ago
The Monk - Matthew Lewis
3778 5 months ago
Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber'
1064584 8 months ago
The Erl-King will do you grievous harm...
1513025 over a year ago
Dr Townshend's seminar on 'The Gothic', the return
712315 over a year ago
Frankenstein lectures
42172 over a year ago
Masterclass on 'The Gothic
632002 over a year ago
Dr Townshend's revision masterclass
732400 over a year ago
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: Nature and Power
1273923 over a year ago
'Frankenstein and the Romantic Imagination'
854319 over a year ago
English art
1720 over a year ago
Dr Andrew Green's Gothic Seminar
1265856 over a year ago
Gothic Seminar 26/2/12
1485474 over a year ago
LECTURE NOTES- Decadent Gothic (Vampires)
01544 over a year ago
Online seminar on Frankenstein - 5/11/2011
745628 over a year ago
Edmund Burke
0609 over a year ago
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